Info/Appearance Edit

You meet this character in Sunnedout Forest. He wears a grey hoodie along with a light grey hood. When you first meet this Shawnr in Sunnedout Forest, he pranks you by making you give him a high five, while you getting frozen in the process. He apologizes while laughing, and using his magic to thaw you out. While you were chatting with Shawn, he notices his brother is coming and tells you to hide behind a conveniently-shaped TV stand. After that, you become friends if you have done a True Pacifist OR a Neutral Route.

In the Genocide Route however, he says the same dialogue as Sans except he says "your final moment is gonna come if you keep going the way you are going, kid." and walks away after.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He has the ability to summon bones and turn your SOUL gold for Love(Not L.O.V.E). In his genocide route, you would think he is the weakest, but you see his stats are 200 for his ATK, and 2039 is his DEF. But he still dodges, while you start go in the fight, you then realize that you have the power to kill anything with full hate so you can kill Shawn instantly.

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