Info/Appearance Edit

David is the Gamingtale counterpart of Papyrus in Undertale. His battle body consists of a yellow scarf, yellow gloves, and blue boots with the normal black covering his arms and legs and normal white battle shirt/armour. He is a hyper skeleton who wants to be in the Royal Guard. He is also calls himself the Amazing David, and his "Cool Dude" shirt says "Awesome Dude!" instead. He tries to capture Frisk. but befriends him instead.

In the Genocide Route, Chara cuts his spine off, and before he could speak, she stomps him until he is only dust. That's when Chara levels up to level 5.

Powers/Abilites Edit

David has the ability to make gold and grey bones. Grey means to move, and gold means the opposite. He uses his gold attack, and that's when Bwah hah hah! ends and Bonetickle plays. His fight is a little more intense than Undertale Papyrus'. He ACTUALLY uses his special attack. It consists of a bunch of bones, and a few gold bones to catch you off guard. With a little bit of telekinesis in the process.

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